Warwick Smith

Director General

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Warwick Smith is the Director-General of the British Generic Manufacturers Association and the British Biosimilars Association (BBA). He is a member of the Board and Executive of the European Generic medicines Association (EGA), and was one of its Vice Presidents from 1995 to 2000. Warwick is also the Director General of the British Generic Manufacturers Association (BGMA).

During Warwick’s period as Director-General of the BGMA, the Association has negotiated a long term market based reimbursement system for generic medicines giving the industry freedom of pricing and has agreed work sharing schemes with the national regulatory agency (MHRA) to reduce significantly the workload on members. Additionally the association has held joint seminars with the MHRA, successfully countered attacks on biosimilars, is about to agree new arrangements for secondary care contracts and the outsourcing of hospital pharmacies, and has agreed a joint study into the sustainability of the generic industry in the UK with the British Government.